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You can book hotel accomodation with the Stuttgart Marketing GmbH either online, by email/fay or by phone.

Code word: DPG
Booking deadline: 30.01.2012

The accomodation office service is free of charge. The opportunities are as follows:

  1. Online-booking:
    Via the internet address you can make a booking out of the special contingent directly. Here you can find a list of selected hotels with categorizing and short description. Your confirmation of reservation will be sent by email directly after the online booking.

  2. Reservation by fax or email:
    For reservation by fax (+49 / (0)711-22 28 251) or email () please state the code word "dpg" as well as your contact data, address, travelling dates and the required hotel. You will receive the confirmation of reservation by fax or email.

  3. Reservation by phone:
    The customer service of Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH can be reache from Monday to Friday, 08:30 - 18:00 at this number +49 / (0)711-22 28 100. You can make a reservation out of the special contingent by phone as well.You will receive the confirmation of reservation by fax or email.

Changes or cancellations are only effective when effected over the Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH.

The booking of hotel rooms could be difficult during the conference period, as two faires will take place at the same time.

Accomodation for young persons


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